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It is commonly assumed that someone who does not have citizenship in the United States does not have any rights. This is false, however, as the 14th Amendment guarantees the right to due process of law to all people within states’ jurisdiction. This applies to any person, citizen or not. Many undocumented immigrants face the risk of deportation simply based on the color of their skin on a daily basis, a fact that was proven with the targeting of Latino males in Chicago in early August.

Targeted Based On Race

Officers of ICE were reported to have performed a raid of male Latino workers at the beginning of August, armed with fingerprint scanners. These men were standing on the corner of two streets, waiting to be hired for day work. In the article, “Chicago Immigrant Advocates Denounce ICE ‘Raid’ of Day Laborers”, by Ellyn Fortino, it was reported that three of the men were arrested.

ICE claims to have been targeting gang members, not undocumented immigrants, according to the article. Two of those men are now in the process of deportation, and one has been released. Many are demanding the release of the other two men, as their constitution-given rights have been violated.

According to the article by Fortino, Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa stands in support of the men and the surrounding Latino community in Chicago, as well as potential future legislation in Chicago that will separate the city from ICE in every way. Many claim that ICE chose to raid a place known as a gathering spot for Latino men in an act of racial profiling.

Attorneys Are Here To Help

Thankfully, any undocumented immigrant faced with the potential for deportation has a place to turn, and can seek help from an experienced attorney from Immigration Law Office in Chicago. Our attorneys have the ability to not only defend a person against deportation, but also can aid undocumented immigrants in obtaining visas and green cards. If you would like to learn more about the protections our attorneys can offer, feel free to contact us today.