U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services are still busy canceling resettlement interviews one year after President Donald Trump signed the first immigration ban that barred travel from Muslim-majority countries for 90 days. Trump enacted three different travel bans during the last year. All three banned travel from citizens within Muslim-majority countries. The first two bans also suspended the refugee resettlement program for 120 days.

A look at the statistics

At one point, the U.S took in more refugees through the resettlement channel than any other country. According to the State Department the quota for resettlement this past year was 45,000 refugees. By October of 2017, the administration has only resettled 6,000 people. The International Rescue Committee predicts a 72 percent drop in resettlement from the previous year.

Fear of going home

With no other options for safety, many refugees are risking their lives to make it to European shores. The situation has gotten so dire that people resort to hiring smugglers to get them to into other countries. Fearful refugees expect torture or execution if they get sent back to their homeland. One Iranian immigrant expressed her frustration with the ban to HuffPost saying, “No country is taking me; I have no way to go forward and no way to go back.” She adds, “I am an international orphan.”

Virtually all of us in the U.S came here with roots from somewhere else. One year after the U.S shut their doors to tens of thousands refugees, these displaced people still find themselves fighting for survival in foreign lands where they are not welcomed.