Immigrants come to the United States for many reason. Some come to be with family. Some come for work. Some simply come for a better life. It should go without saying that immigrants are not criminals. Unfortunately, among many American citizens, the myth of the criminal immigrant continues.

The Evidence Shows That Immigration Does Not Increase Crime

In part, the myth of the criminal immigrant continues due to the words and actions of the current presidential administration. For example, the president has warned that so-called sanctuary cities, cities that are not abiding by his orders to detain undocumented immigrants, are responsible for releasing immigrants who are drug dealers, drug traffickers and gang members into the community. Of course, he has also made many statements about a proposed border wall that would keep out criminal immigrants.

However, as an article from the New York Times points out, there is simply no evidence that immigrants are bringing crime into the United States. In fact, the studies discussed in the article actually show that criminal activity has declined in cities that have high immigrant populations. The truth is that the vast majority of immigrants who come to this country are law-abiding citizens who just want to raise their families, work and live their lives like everyone else.

Despite the current political climate and many changes to immigration laws, there are still options for people who want to come to the United States, and those who have been threatened with deportation have the right to fight to stay here.