My name is Aaliah and I recently read a personal statement written by Tali Farhadian Weinstein who is the general counsel of the Brooklyn district attorney’s office. I found Ms. Weinstein’s statement encouraging, she witnessed what it was like to be an illegal alien first hand. Her mother, her brother and herself were fleeing violence and instability from their native home in Iran. Due to rumors that anyone who had any connection to Israel could be charged with Zionism, the development and protection of a Jewish nation. Both of Ms. Weinstein’s parents attended college in Israel, they became afraid to leave the house. Her parents did whatever they needed to make sure their family was safe. When they traveled to the United States on December 24, 1979, they had few items of clothing and pots and pans. Even though Ms. Weinstein’s mother claimed they were coming to the United States to visit her children’s father, the officer who inspected them could tell they were need of refuge and he granted them permission to enter the United States and explained they would need to come back to the airport after the holiday for deportation. This event made Ms. Weinstein’s life in the United States possible.