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With the upcoming election, immigrants everywhere are worried about the policies that are bound to transform in 2020. Restrictions could rise if the current administration fulfills their agenda. This year, voters will need to watch candidates, and what position they take.

From the border wall to the asylum policy, everything could change for immigrants in 2020. This year is becoming increasingly vital as the election gets closer so, with that in mind, what are some immigration issues to keep in mind?

The campaign trail

Many candidates have spoken out against the current administration’s ideas on immigration. With time, it seems to come clearer that democrats are on two sides of this issue. The first side is to take immigration back to “pre-Trump years”. This will reverse everything the current administration has done to immigration since he’s been president. Former Vice President Joe Biden is a clear supporter of this action.

On the more progressive side, Senator Bernie Sanders has been very vocal about his opposition. He aims to reshape many immigration organizations and the criminalization of immigrants. He and other progressive candidates want to rethink immigration from the foundation.

The asylum policy

The current administration created new policies that disrupted access to asylums near the southern U.S. border. This policy change forces immigrants to wait in Mexico. These asylums are in unsanitary and potentially dangerous conditions. Each immigrant must wait in these conditions until the U.S. courts reach a verdict.

Furthermore, current administration started sending immigrants back to Central America if they made their way to the U.S. through other countries while trying to find asylum. This deal sends many asylum-seekers back to the regions they were running from in the first place, putting them in serious danger. In 2020, this measure is very important to keep on your radar because of the many questions that follow this issue. Such as, if America reelects the current administration, will this matter worsen? Will other candidates find a solution?

The line for citizenship

Since the last election in 2016, applications for citizenship have increased. This number of applications will only continue to increase with the higher fee that is expected to be implemented under current administration after the 2020 elections. This uncertain timeline to receive citizenship will also affect the upcoming election. The millions of people waiting in line to become citizens are itching for the right to vote. With this growing number, the wait times have doubled and the worry of the ability to vote this election season has increased.

As the 2020 elections creep closer, agendas from all candidates will become fully formed. There are countless aspects within immigration alone to keep an eye on as the year progresses. Watching these agendas form will give you the tools you need to vote for the person who has your interests in mind.