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Everywhere in America, healthcare professionals are overwhelmed by the mass amount of those affected by COVID-19. As healthcare professionals are being exposed to the virus, many workers are forced to stay at home, so they don’t spread the virus even more. With panic rising due to affected nurses and doctors, many don’t know where to turn.

Immigrant workers could be the answer to this dilemma. American front-line workers could accept the help of immigrant workers and bring more healthcare professional into highly concentrated areas. This could relieve pressure on these professionals and give better care to patients.

What’s the hold-up?

  • Visas: While this is a wonderful answer to many hospital issues, the U.S. immigration regulations could hold back the process. Because of the time-consuming process and the different visas this would require, many wouldn’t be able to help in this pandemic. With all these requests at once, visas are very difficult to get at this time. This makes it impossible for qualified doctors and nurses to help.
  • Differing credentials: Medical licenses also differ from state to state and from country to country. In order to have a doctor practice in another state or country, they must go through a credential test. During the pandemic, however, the exams are not allowed since they must be monitored in person.
  • Travel bans and language barriers: Although there are many qualified people out there, a travel ban makes flights across the ocean impossible. There are many people who want and can help, but they are stuck. Furthermore, many people have the compacity and qualifications to help, but they are unable to because of a language barrier. This puts a wrench in the gears.

There are many reasons why immigrant workers can’t help, but government officials are working on ways that they can. Although it’s a process, they are wanting to find a way to relieve health care professionals and have a safer hospital environment for all.