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The efforts of the ITServe Alliance have overturned the requirement that applicants seeking H-1B visas provide detailed work itineraries about the jobs they intend to perform. As a result, foreign technology workers planning on working for companies in Chicago and throughout the country will no longer have to submit lengthy descriptions about their work duties.

Repeal of 2018 Contract and Itinerary Memorandum

During the previous two years, the ITServe Alliance had filed legal challenges against over 130 cases involving denied visas. The industry association represents over 1,200 domestic information and technology companies. The settlement reached with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services repeals the 2018 Contract and Itinerary Memorandum, which had imposed the requirement for detailed work itineraries.

Greater job stability

Prior to this settlement, H-1B visa applicants who did not prepare detailed work itineraries were often denied visas or only received visas for shorter terms than the usual three years. U.S.-based employers have traditionally used the H-1B visa program to contract with foreign technology workers. The workers would then complete special projects, and they often moved from client to client while working in the United States.

A statement from the ITServe Alliance predicted that the removal of the itinerary requirement would enable H-1B visa workers to enjoy more predictability about their ongoing employment. The industry association emphasized that the settlement represents an important victory for companies that hire H-1B workers because the USCIS had targeted such employers for 10 years.

Legal advice in a shifting landscape

Immigration laws and regulations have gone through many changes over the years. Employers and workers attempting to gain necessary documentation from immigration officials may struggle to file adequate paperwork or appeal denials of visas. Legal advice might bring you up to date about the current state of immigration regulations. Attorneys knowledgeable about this legal area may explain your options before approaching the immigration agency.