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Immigrants in Chicago and across the nation may be concerned about becoming naturalized U.S. citizens and the increasingly difficult process it entails. Current political issues can be worrisome, but there are still avenues to ease the road to naturalization. Military personnel and veterans who were thinking they could be deported or face challenges with naturalization despite their service should be aware of new rules that are in place.

If a member of the military or a veteran wants to be naturalized, it is now possible to file online with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Rather than go through the arduous process of applying by mail and being unsure as to the status of the case, filing online may be easier and allow the applicant to track the application. It also lets the applicant receive notifications from USCIS. This is expected to benefit not just the applicant but also employees and petitioners.

Given the struggle immigrants are currently having with being granted citizenship, this is likely a welcome change. Those who served or are currently serving in the military might have thought their service was not respected. The USCIS emphasizes how naturalization for service members and veterans is a positive step. The Immigration and Nationality Act has certain provisions for veterans and service members. There is no fee to apply for naturalization. Now, with this change, individuals do not need to file with a paper form. Certain family members also receive special benefits.

Creating an account on the USCIS website lets the applicant check their status, pay fees, contact USCIS and answer if there is a request made for more evidence. Even with this positive change, there are still hurdles to a person becoming naturalized. Rather than apply and go through the process alone, it may be beneficial to have legal advice. The application, the interview, the test and understanding all the aspects of trying to become naturalized can help with full preparation. Whether a person is applying or is having problems with the process of naturalization, it might be wise to have legal assistance.