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An activist group based at the University of Chicago in Illinois sent a petition to administrators of the learning institution. The petition included nearly a thousand signatures and demanded that administrators take a more active approach to protecting undocumented members of the community. UChicago Without Borders is also demanding that school administrators end cooperation with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

Students and other individuals concerned with immigrant rights have called for the university to declare its status as a sanctuary campus for some time now. The calls increased after a third-year student called administrators out publicly over a perceived lack of response to a Trump Administration decision to require in-class study for immigrant students who want to remain in the United States.

The university made itself part of an amicus brief after both MIT and Harvard filed a lawsuit in protest of the order from the president. However, the disgruntled student said university officials should have taken a more active approach. One suggestion by the student was for the school to join the lawsuit filed by the other universities.

The student said the amicus brief was another example of the passive and impartial actions taken by the university. The student said there is no middle ground when it comes to human rights and explained that the university should either take a stand demonstrating the belief that human rights matter or show with their disinterest that they do not believe these rights apply to all human beings.

The changing nature of immigration laws in America only serves to add to the complexity of a system that can already be overwhelming. Immigrants and their families who have questions regarding immigration policies may be able to find the answers they need by meeting with an immigration law attorney.