Guiding You Through Any Immigration Law Matter

A lot rests on the outcome of an immigration matter. Whether you are facing deportation or are helping a family member seek permanent residency, the way it is handled determines your future.

At Immigration Law Office in Chicago, we understand what is at stake when you come to us for help, and we know how important it is to handle your case effectively. We are prepared to be your advocates no matter what process you are going through, including:

Helping You Keep Track Of Your Case

Handling an immigration matter on your own has gotten very difficult. Now that much of the process is managed electronically, you are expected to keep track of several passwords and usernames just to submit documents. When you work with us, we keep track of everything for you because we know you have enough to deal with.

An Experienced Attorney Focused On Your Needs

Drew Elesh has more than 20 years of legal experience in Illinois. He chose to practice immigration law because he feels strongly about protecting families and individuals who have worked hard to achieve success in the United States.

As your lawyer, Drew will be focused on resolving your matter efficiently and cost-effectively. He will help you manage every aspect of your case, but he will also prepare you to handle certain situations on your own. This approach helps you feel empowered and in control while keeping your expenses down.

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