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than helping our clients and their family members become part of the American fabric.

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Than helping our clients and their family members become part of the American fabric.

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Helping You Seek U.S. Citizenship

Citizenship is the ultimate goal of many people who come to the United States. Certain rights and opportunities only come with naturalization. Seeking U.S. citizenship, however, is not an easy process. It requires a lot of preparation and paperwork to happen. At Immigration Law Office in Chicago, we can provide the legal guidance you need to finally become a U.S. citizen.

Preparing You For The Naturalization Interview And Test

The most crucial part of seeking citizenship is the interview and test process. You will meet with a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services officer who will review your application and ask you questions. You will also have to take two tests: an English test and a civics test.

As your law firm, we will help ensure you are prepared and confident when it comes time to take the test. Attorney Drew Elesh and paralegal Alberta Cruz will explain what types of questions you may be asked in the interview and make sure you have the resources you need to study for the tests.

We usually do not accompany our clients to the citizenship interview and test because it costs them more money. However, we will attend your interview and test if you would benefit from the presence of a lawyer.

Exemptions To The Citizenship Test

Not everyone in Illinois has to take the citizenship tests. Some people — especially the elderly — are simply not able to learn English or even take a test. Depending on you or your family member’s situation, there may be an exemption. You may be exempt from the tests if you have a:

  • Physical disability
  • Mental impairment
  • Developmental disability

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We will make sure you qualify for citizenship and then guide you through the process of becoming a U.S. citizen. Call us at 773-877-3982 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.